"To read or to write, there will be the answer!"

Few days from now, I'll be travelling far away from my homeground. I need to seek success there but I'm gonna miss everything here.

Well, I have no idea about this. I dont have any idea to write this post actually. I just want to let you know that like other people, i also have human feelings. I'm not going to list the things, or people which i'm gonna miss because I've a lot of things to think about. Instalment plan.. lah, payment agreement.. lah, meal plan.. lah, dan macam macam lagi lah!

I feel...
1.Happy - reaching the peak of my life
2.Excited - to explore new life + some challenges
3.Sad n missing - Everything i have here
4.Worries - obstacles [associated to #2]

A video...

1 thing I already missed. Childhood memories. Hahahahha!!

Lastly, I want to greet thousands^10000000 special thanks for those who support me.

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To Do: Fasting

Another story told by somebody.

Have you watched Professor Klon before?

Can we imagine that the influenza virus A H1N1 has been created by somebody to get profit (same like professor Klon)?

And they've prepared the vaccine earlier to be supplied on market by mid november.

Fact or fiction.. still, there's possibility.

Lets take a look at the H5N1 case. Here's the link:
http://www.cidrap.umn.edu/cidrap/content/influenza/avianflu/news/sep0808indonesia-br.html .
Hope this will help and correct me if i'm wrong. Give your comment.

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By the time i started to write this post, Arsenal had already leading Everton by 3 goals. (Da malas da nak tengok. Kompem menang je. Hahahaha!

It was during year 2000 when I started to support arsenal. At that time, the top team is Manchester United and it is the Arsenal main rival outside London. *The tense between these 2 teams is always high particularly during the era of Patrick Vieira (bukan Patrick penyokong Liverpool ye!) and Roy Keane. Their matches always become main topics in newspapers. I wonder, whats the purpose of supporting the team that already terer kemerer?? So, I took decision to support arsenal until now.

Arsenal is a good team. They have a lot of talent but lack of consistencies (berAksi seperti yo-yo). So, I have a message to Arsene Wenger and his players (as i suddenly become lazy to blog):

"Tolonglah, aku x kesa kalah ngan man. utd, chelsea 6-0. Tapi jangan la kalah dengan hull city, birmingham, burnley, dan pasukan2 yang di rating bwh 3 bintang dalam game FIFA. Haha"

Hahahah. Funny message, isn't it? I thought so!!

Name saye Encik Vermaelen. Saya nak jadi PFA player of the year. So, jangan lah lupa utk undi saya. Mudah saje, taip ON VERMAELEN dan hantar ke 33590.

Mood: Yeah, Fabregas score menjadikan kedudukan 4-0!

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On the other side of the coin (hasil btn)

Nationalism.. We learnt bout it. Is it good for us?

I'm trying to say that every country have different policies. It creates reluctance among the countries to have better cooperation.

Ex: the downfall of Turkey Ottoman Empire cause the separation of its states to be smaller countries. Then, it will be more easier for colonialist countries to take over on them.

You don't get what i meant? Try read this:

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