"To read or to write, there will be the answer!"

You say that I dont know
How much you missed me
But you never know
How tense is the pain I suffer
You keep hurting me
And you wont see it
Because you're always right, I know

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Dalam bahasa Melayunya: Hukum2 alam.

Can you tell me some laws in our life?
No, please dont answer that, its just an intro..

1. The karma's: What goes around comes around.
Sounds like: Justin Timberlake. Well I know I'm muslim and Islam is my religion. But this kind of statement boleh pakai for everyone. Even Justin adapt it Lets say you lie somebody else today. Somebody else will lie you in future.
Justin in this context is Justin Timberlake. Not Justin the Tim Horton's coffee stirrer.

2. Time: Dont waste your time or time will waste you.
Sounds like: Knight of Cydonia, Muse. But I took this form Arab's proverb: Al-waktu-kas-saifi. In-lam-taq-to'-hu-qoto'aka. Means that: Time is like a hammer, if you idle, they will ketuk (taq-to'-hu) you until berbunyi ketuk-ketak (qoto'aka). True true, masa itu emas.
I've no intention to lie about the direct meaning of the Arab's proverb (karma beb!). Just to make fun!

3. When the going gets though, the though gets going.
Sounds like: a song by Boyzone. Yes, experience is our teacher. The more we suffer, the stronger we are. You can see everywhere around this world. Poor people are stronger.
Freddie : How's ure going?
MelayuMac: Going going going... Sape kate tak going?

There are a lot. Because I'm lazy, I only managed to write four of them. And...
Lastly: You need to work hard to fly.
Sounds like: 4m3 blog. Yes.. Wrights worked hard to invent a plane. Even anak2 burung (burung?) also must work hard to learn to fly. Here's my story. When I was in ICPU, I must study hard to pass the cut off pt so that I can fly to Canada. Now, I still need to study hard so that I can fly to Malaysia (so that I will not need to repeat courses during summer). My situation --> I've bought my ticket bebeh!!

So, these are the laws that stay the same. Eventhough you'd never heard the 4th one (maybe, perhaps etc. etc.), it has been proven by me. Hahaha..

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