"To read or to write, there will be the answer!"

Progresso: Progress (in Portuguese)

Look at my village.

To Do:

I was looking for something like "time waster" during this summer holiday. I found it!
Do you have any?

Mood: Flat
Condition: Slow
To Do: Sleep

May 12, 2010. I'm here in Malaysia. Nothing to do now even though there are a lot to do.

I spent my 1st muggy day in Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. As the flight door opened, I can feel the heat of tropics. Hahaha. I took KLIA express from the airport to KL sentral. It costs 35 ringgit and 28 minutes for the trip. Alang2 duit byk, apakah salah kta mencuba?

Weather in Malaysia is unpredictable. There came heavy rain in the middle of the day. The heavy rain was not able to make me feel colder though. The performance of my new shoes was tested by walking on wet surfaces. Hahaha. I tell you, my shoes is not at its best on slippery floor. Good Year konon.

After pay my visit to Cik Kemar family in KL, I took train to JB and arrived at dawn, just before the sun rises.

Mood: Happy
Condition: Up
To Do: What to be done