"To read or to write, there will be the answer!"

Note: This post contains words from Bahasa Melayu as we want to preserve its originalities.

One night..

Child: Papa.. why do cats act like digging hole before they having pee?

Then the father narrated:

" Pada satu masa dahulu, sang harimau tidak reti memanjat pepohon kayu. Alkisahnya pada satu hari sang harimau meminta sang kucing menunjuk ajar teknik2 memanjat pokok. Maka berlakulah perbualan seperti berikut (ayat mcm dlm buku teks arab tingkatan 3):

Rimau: Kucing, aku tak reti panjat pokok laa.. boleh ajar aku cemane nak panjat pokok?

Kucing: Boleh aje. Jom ikut aku. Kita cari pokok paling besar dan tinggi.

Maka kedua-dua spesis mamalia yang sama rupe lain saiz tu pun, panjat lah pokok dengan menggunakan teknik cengkaman kuku.

Beberapa ketika selepas itu, ke2-2 makhluk itu pun berada di dahan pokok. Tetiba, timbul niat jahat kucing nak dengki sang harimau.

Kucing: Rimau, sebagai balassan aku ajar kau panjat pokok; aku nak pinjam motor rxz kau buleh?

Rimau: Mane boley... aku beli mahal2, kau sedap2 nak pinjam.

Kucing: Xpelah rimau. Dengan sifat tamak haloba kau, aku tinggalkan kau atas pokok lah. Ko turun sendiri. Aku xnak ajar.

Dengan muke kurang asamnye, sang kucing cepat2 turun pokok dan blah sebelum sempat dibelasag sang rimau. Maka tinggallah sang rimau terkebil kebil di atas pokok..

Rimau: (menjerit) Sialan kau kucing. Jaga kau.. aku MAKAN kau kalau aku dapat tangkap kau nanti. DENGAN TAIK-TAIK KAU PUN AKU MAKAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sang kucing terdengar warning tadi. Setiap kali melahirkan zuriat, sang kucing akan berpesan kpd anak2nya: "Nak, setiapkali nak buang air, timbun dengan pasir ye nakk.. kalau xde pasir, buat gaya konon2 ade pasir tau".

If you find the story is a fiction, just assume that the father lied his child.

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Top 3 things about my fav. team.

1. In 1932 when the team still played at Highbury, then-manager Herbert Chapman campaigned for the local Tube* station (Gillespie Road) to change its name to ‘Arsenal’. On the 5th of November 1932, the name was officially changed, making it the only Tube station to be named specifically after a football club.

*In US and Canada, they got subway. People in London call theirs as Tube because the tunnels shaped like tubes.

2. There are many football teams named Arsenal.

3. The fans of SC Braga are known as Arsenalistas due to their teams uniforms that resemble that of English club ArsenalFC.

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This is Bunny

Commander of the Bunny Army

(> (> (> (> (> (><) <) <) <) <) <)
Bunny Army.

Together we will rule the world!
)_,.--'''[ µ"\_\****”””””””

We stand united , we fight united!

(\ /)
(\_/) (O.o) (\_/)
(^.^) (><) (^.^)
('')-('') /_|_\ ('')-('')

Chief Bunny

Usual Bunny

Funny Bunny

Agent Bunny

Money Bunny

Mixed Bunny/Bunny Scarface

Bunny Having Fun

Confused Bunny

Bunny Warrior

Bunny Snowman

Bunny With Alot Of Claws

( 0 )
Cool Bunny

Bunny with a gun

(/ \)
Cyborg bunny
­ Techno Bunny

<---(x x)--<<
(> <)
Arrow-Killed Bunny

(> <)
Watching Bunny

(> <)
Suicide Bunny

Ninja Bunny

~ /_|_\~
Jet-pack Bunny

Disco Bunny

Pirate Bunny

Killin' Bunny

Super Bunny
(Do not fear,
super bunny is here!)

Angel Bunney (Angelo)

Devil Bunny (Diablo)

Dragon Bunny

────────║The Bunnies Castle║────────

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Nah amek ko!!!


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Loss ape? Haaa tuh yang kite nak bgtau.

I learnt Arabic language during Form 1 -> form 5. Yeah, I enjoy learning Arabic. Its easy because there are some terms in Malay language derived from Arabic words.

However, the sky could not be always blue. It could be gray or even darker. Ewah2 haha.. During form 4/5, I lost interest to learn arabic. I dunno why. Mybe because the teachers stressed more about the sentence structures rather than vocabularies(in my opinion) + lack effort from me.

When I took a look at this book (shown below), I felt sad. I found myself failed to appreciate the things that I've learnt.

However, I still managed to understand some of the sentences in this book ;].

Rugi nye rase. Kalau aku fluent Arab, mesti aku da dpt ngorat awek2 Arab yg cun kt Kanada. Kah3x. Niat x betol pulak dah. Tuh yg ilmu hilang awal2 tuh.

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Progresso: Progress (in Portuguese)

Look at my village.

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I was looking for something like "time waster" during this summer holiday. I found it!
Do you have any?

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May 12, 2010. I'm here in Malaysia. Nothing to do now even though there are a lot to do.

I spent my 1st muggy day in Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. As the flight door opened, I can feel the heat of tropics. Hahaha. I took KLIA express from the airport to KL sentral. It costs 35 ringgit and 28 minutes for the trip. Alang2 duit byk, apakah salah kta mencuba?

Weather in Malaysia is unpredictable. There came heavy rain in the middle of the day. The heavy rain was not able to make me feel colder though. The performance of my new shoes was tested by walking on wet surfaces. Hahaha. I tell you, my shoes is not at its best on slippery floor. Good Year konon.

After pay my visit to Cik Kemar family in KL, I took train to JB and arrived at dawn, just before the sun rises.

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You say that I dont know
How much you missed me
But you never know
How tense is the pain I suffer
You keep hurting me
And you wont see it
Because you're always right, I know

Plug In Baby
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Dalam bahasa Melayunya: Hukum2 alam.

Can you tell me some laws in our life?
No, please dont answer that, its just an intro..

1. The karma's: What goes around comes around.
Sounds like: Justin Timberlake. Well I know I'm muslim and Islam is my religion. But this kind of statement boleh pakai for everyone. Even Justin adapt it Lets say you lie somebody else today. Somebody else will lie you in future.
Justin in this context is Justin Timberlake. Not Justin the Tim Horton's coffee stirrer.

2. Time: Dont waste your time or time will waste you.
Sounds like: Knight of Cydonia, Muse. But I took this form Arab's proverb: Al-waktu-kas-saifi. In-lam-taq-to'-hu-qoto'aka. Means that: Time is like a hammer, if you idle, they will ketuk (taq-to'-hu) you until berbunyi ketuk-ketak (qoto'aka). True true, masa itu emas.
I've no intention to lie about the direct meaning of the Arab's proverb (karma beb!). Just to make fun!

3. When the going gets though, the though gets going.
Sounds like: a song by Boyzone. Yes, experience is our teacher. The more we suffer, the stronger we are. You can see everywhere around this world. Poor people are stronger.
Freddie : How's ure going?
MelayuMac: Going going going... Sape kate tak going?

There are a lot. Because I'm lazy, I only managed to write four of them. And...
Lastly: You need to work hard to fly.
Sounds like: 4m3 blog. Yes.. Wrights worked hard to invent a plane. Even anak2 burung (burung?) also must work hard to learn to fly. Here's my story. When I was in ICPU, I must study hard to pass the cut off pt so that I can fly to Canada. Now, I still need to study hard so that I can fly to Malaysia (so that I will not need to repeat courses during summer). My situation --> I've bought my ticket bebeh!!

So, these are the laws that stay the same. Eventhough you'd never heard the 4th one (maybe, perhaps etc. etc.), it has been proven by me. Hahaha..

To make my page colourful and not dull, i put this:

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Sum days b4, i terminated my facebook account. Why? Haaa.. yg tu kita nk tau.

I got a message from the facebook team. You noe what?
Indirect citation:

You'll be able to reactivate ur account by loggin in using same email and password. U'll still have the same number of friends, photos, etc2 etc^6[n=!]. Hope u'll be back soon! (Yg tulus dan ikhlas, xxxx)
-:- tp org x leh view our profile during the period of ketidakgunaan this social network!

X aci tol. Org baru nk create account baru gune emel same. (Dgn niat menstalking other people XD)

Here are some of my opinion:
1. boleh ubah pikiran kalu x jadi nk delete.
2. Still in contact with my frens.

1. I can't get rid of one of the distraction of my studies.. There's possibility that i'll using fb again. (pdhl niat nk jd stalker)
2. Is this meant that they wont delete our informations and keep it??

Totally, facebook has no privacy. Xtau laa kalu fs or ms pon same gk. Lom cube. U dont believe it? Ahaa, y dont u giv it a try! (Gaya Mr Chai - nk2 pasal komputer ni!). Tu laa, dont put those informations which are very2 Vere^10 detail on social networking webpage. Silap2 info yg korg da tuka lame dah die simpan lg.

Ape lagi, penuh kn komen ak with ur opinion pula!

p/s: bhs rojak. Miss Malaysian food! But not those which my housmates cook.

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