"To read or to write, there will be the answer!"

We celebrated raya last saturday. 7 days after 1 Syawal. We weren't able to celebrate during the 1st 6 days because our daily schedule are just packed. I tell you, the atmosphere is really different except on 1st & 7th syawal because we only wear our traditional clothes on these days.

Sometimes, we feel malu2 kucing to wear the complete suits of Baju Melayu because we think that mat salleh will think that we are weird. But we must be proud of what we have right?

1 more thing. Its very cold to wear baju Melayu especially during the morning. I'm quite fortunate to have intention to wear longjon (betul ke aku eja ni) on my trip to perform sembahyang raya at downtown. The morning breeze can make you shiver.
Mood: Pehal gambar kecik ni?
Condition: Puas tdo
To Do: Lab Maple n Chem

The photos are not arranged according to the chronology.

Mood: Entah
Condition: Fine
To Do: Cari katil

Saya berjanji utk sedaya upaya mengkhabarkan perkembangan terbaru kepada anda. Terima kasih.

Sengaja ditaip berbahasa Melayu.

Mood: Normal
Condition: Mata Panda
To Do: Merantau