"To read or to write, there will be the answer!"

Loss ape? Haaa tuh yang kite nak bgtau.

I learnt Arabic language during Form 1 -> form 5. Yeah, I enjoy learning Arabic. Its easy because there are some terms in Malay language derived from Arabic words.

However, the sky could not be always blue. It could be gray or even darker. Ewah2 haha.. During form 4/5, I lost interest to learn arabic. I dunno why. Mybe because the teachers stressed more about the sentence structures rather than vocabularies(in my opinion) + lack effort from me.

When I took a look at this book (shown below), I felt sad. I found myself failed to appreciate the things that I've learnt.

However, I still managed to understand some of the sentences in this book ;].

Rugi nye rase. Kalau aku fluent Arab, mesti aku da dpt ngorat awek2 Arab yg cun kt Kanada. Kah3x. Niat x betol pulak dah. Tuh yg ilmu hilang awal2 tuh.

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