"To read or to write, there will be the answer!"

Hey pals!

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I still use that blog. Depends on my mood to post some words on one of my blog. (well, i think its impossible --> i'm lazy to manage even one)

Mood: Feel free
Condition: Fine. But I think I need more exercise.
To Do: Visa... not Mastercard, Amex, Diners etc etc.

Here it is, the scenary of Hamilton, the destination which I'm heading to after struggling almost 1 year in ICPU.

credits to: jasminkak (flickr.com)
Well, the picture look nice though. I think that even my sight cannot see clearly the real scenary as a see this picture.

Wikipedia states that there are 3.3% of South East Asia ethnicities in Hamilton. (ramai la tu, arabs: 1.1%) So, I think there will be no problem for us to study there.

Mood: Bored.
Condition: Sufferin' headache.
To Do: Letter 2 JPA, McMaster Form, AB deposit request, Hang out

1 post with 2 words, 6 comments, 7 followers. Sorry to all my friends. I cannot update my blog because I have no time for this. and The internet connection to my house has broke.

I'll use my blog for:
1. Connecting wif other people.
2. Improving my writing in eng. language.
3. ... i'll think bout it.
4 and so on...

Mood: Worries for ICPU final result.
Condition: Not well. Currently addicted to FIFA.