"To read or to write, there will be the answer!"

Here it is, the scenary of Hamilton, the destination which I'm heading to after struggling almost 1 year in ICPU.

credits to: jasminkak (flickr.com)
Well, the picture look nice though. I think that even my sight cannot see clearly the real scenary as a see this picture.

Wikipedia states that there are 3.3% of South East Asia ethnicities in Hamilton. (ramai la tu, arabs: 1.1%) So, I think there will be no problem for us to study there.

Mood: Bored.
Condition: Sufferin' headache.
To Do: Letter 2 JPA, McMaster Form, AB deposit request, Hang out


congrats, finally, you get what you want..
and i hope that is the best 4 you..

welcome to hamilton. i'm waiting u for long time..haha

amiir --> see u there (i mean at niagara falls)

anas --> youre torontorian, arent u?


hey!dont judge a book by its cover brader!canada is 1 of da most great scenery country ive been...do knw bout ur side....suggest u to go halifax...hawskesbury subport!peace man!damn beautifool!xpecially winter!huh.

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