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Sum days b4, i terminated my facebook account. Why? Haaa.. yg tu kita nk tau.

I got a message from the facebook team. You noe what?
Indirect citation:

You'll be able to reactivate ur account by loggin in using same email and password. U'll still have the same number of friends, photos, etc2 etc^6[n=!]. Hope u'll be back soon! (Yg tulus dan ikhlas, xxxx)
-:- tp org x leh view our profile during the period of ketidakgunaan this social network!

X aci tol. Org baru nk create account baru gune emel same. (Dgn niat menstalking other people XD)

Here are some of my opinion:
1. boleh ubah pikiran kalu x jadi nk delete.
2. Still in contact with my frens.

1. I can't get rid of one of the distraction of my studies.. There's possibility that i'll using fb again. (pdhl niat nk jd stalker)
2. Is this meant that they wont delete our informations and keep it??

Totally, facebook has no privacy. Xtau laa kalu fs or ms pon same gk. Lom cube. U dont believe it? Ahaa, y dont u giv it a try! (Gaya Mr Chai - nk2 pasal komputer ni!). Tu laa, dont put those informations which are very2 Vere^10 detail on social networking webpage. Silap2 info yg korg da tuka lame dah die simpan lg.

Ape lagi, penuh kn komen ak with ur opinion pula!

p/s: bhs rojak. Miss Malaysian food! But not those which my housmates cook.

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Condition: Cold + shiver but free from flu. (laen kn?)
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