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Tengok tajuk panjang, entri mestilah panjang. Ape ko ingat aku x reti tulis panjang2? Tapi agak berguna jugak laaa… Ye, aku baru tahu bende nih. Aku memang jakun. Tapi aku nak berkongsi dengan orang yang x tahu lagi.

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Say that you’re a fan of a football (soccer) team based in Germany, FC Saint Pauli. You go to the club website http://fcstpauli.com/index.php?menuid=1 and you won’t find UK/US flag buttons.

Or why don’t we try to open another football/soccer team. This time let say FC Zenit Saint Petersburg, a team based in Russia. http://fc-zenit.ru/main/ .You’ll face the same situation. No flag buttons.

(Ape saint2.. konspirasi ni.. Xde laaa… Kalau website Lokomotiv Moscow FC, Spartak Moscow FC, Bayern Munchen FC canggih. Ade gambar butang2 bendera British/US. Takpun, cube tambah en kat depan.. x dapat punya)


Back to the topic.
*Then, you might think; “Well, just do the copy and paste!!”
1.How can you copy flash?
2.Why should you transform the colourful page to be in plain white??

So, how??? (Straight to the point please..)
You just need to do some simple steps.
1. Just type (please type by yourself. This hyperlink deceives, HAhA):
http://translate.google.com/translate?u= [enter the web url, without http:// because it’ll cause error]
2. Don’t forget to select your language preference in the red box shown. (I don’t have adobe photoshop ;] )
You still didn’t get it + you’re noob + you don’t believe this???

Press the link below. Berita Harian in English version.


BTW, thanks to Laurent Koscielny! xD

P/s: Kadang2 google translate x betol jugak. Lagi2 Bahasa Melayu

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